Weichert, All Under One Roof

An integrated real estate, mortgage, insurance, title settlement and home protection customer experience.

Weichert All Under One Roof SM was designed to package specific Weichert enterprises to deliver an integrated real estate, mortgage, insurance, title settlement and home protection Customer Experience. Weichert had the unique ability to provide a best-in-class, turn-key solution that is tailored to each customer’s personal needs and objectives.

The Weichert All Under One Roof SM is a repositioning of the master brand. The goal was and is to deliver a search to closing direct to customers experience as well as training the companies 6,000 plus sales force to leverage these services for a better, on time closing.

Role: As Creative Director I lead my team of four designers and copy writer for our internal deliverables as well as suppling design support when needed. I worked with the Public Relations team on release and education communications. I also worked with Ready Set Rocket (vendor) as a producer and Audio Engineer on the All Under One Roof release video.

“The Ask”

Created a brand mark, messaging, and collateral around a combined service suite of products titled ‘All Under One Roof’. These new materials reflect Weichert’s unique ability to facilitate a complete real estate transaction from search to closing. This gives the company a competitive edge in the marketplace due to its “one-stop-shop” approach.

The Process

Hosted a kickoff meeting discussing our high-level objectives with the business owner. After receiving a deeper understanding of our goals and deliverables, we took to the research phase:

  • Research – At this point the team looked for other business; offering a complete package from when a need would arise to final delivery. We included examples provided by the business leader and created our persona(s).

  • User Persona(s) – From here we identified an array of opportunities ranging from first-time and step-up buyers, to empty nesters. We concluded that our persona would focus on first-time buyers due to the lack of experience with the buying process and the most to gain with our ‘All Under One Roof’ service.

  • Competitive Analysis – Though there were only a few offerings for a complete real estate transaction service, we did look at other business units such as insurance and financial institutions. I determined that we would need a suite of collateral to educate and create awareness among our customers, as well as our real estate sales associates. A targeted campaign would not yield the results we needed. A full reimagining of Weichert was needed to succeed.


Created a clear and simple message explaining the complexities of a real estate transaction and how our ‘All Under One Roof’ business solutions will simplify the experience. This message would Increase consumer awareness, better educate our sales force and supply them with engaging marketing materials.


Main Challenges - Keeping a simple and targeted message without decreasing the value of a full real estate transaction:

  • Creating a need for the use of all our service without overwhelming a first-time buyer. 

  • Showing the value in using one company; both with time and money savings.

  • Other challenges included:

    • Speed to market. 

    • Obtaining a trademark.

    • Incentivizing the real estate sales team to cross sell other enterprise units.

Solutions – Drive home the idea of “simple”:


  • Create layers of information that are easily accessible in all mediums, but deliver them in a way that customers can take a ‘deeper dive’ at their pace. 

  • Keep the first contact point palatable by creating collateral that was scannable to a customer without feeling overwhelmed.


  • Brand mark.

  • Internal educational materials.

  • Direct to customer brochure.

  • Customer flyers.

  • Social media microsite on

  • Email marketing:

    • Sales Associates. 

    • Direct-to-customers.

  • Digital marketing, open house and office collateral:

    • Pull up banners.

    • Lawn signs. 

    • Interactive materials.

  • Sales Associate promotional materials and a produced video.