Email and SMS

Supporting product release, on-going campaigns, internal awareness, and news updates.

Emails and SMS Messaging are very powerfull tools of communication when looking to connect with customers and colleagues. For over 15 years I have taken advantage of this medium by producing comms for the following requests:


  • Drip Campaigns

  • Newsletters

  • Internal Communications

  • Direct Response Emails

  • Customer Updates

  • Sales Tools

  • Training Campaigns

  • Product Launches


Email is a strong tool for keeping an ongoing conversation with clients on their time. It allows us to deliver information displayed in an attractive package to elicit a response. With a good subject line, page design and call to action an email can have a very positive response for lead generation and engagement. Tied in with analytics we can easily see the success of an offering and where we can improve.


Email and SMS Messaging is a key component to releasing or launching a product which should not be neglected.


Internal comms allows us to keep the workplace updated with the latest information and offerings an enterprise can offer.  It also allows immediate response for anything from health and wellness to company events and invitations.

Below is a very small sample size of communications I have designed, developed and produced.