"Creating Great Moments of User Happiness"

Who is Stephen Frederick?

Hi, if you can't tell by now my name is Stephen Frederick. Currently I am the Assistant Creative Director for The Fort Group in New Jersey. At heart, I am a Web Designer but currently there are so many titles describing the interactive process that I think it's hard to have one all encompassing designation. UI/UX Designer, Web Designer, Art Director, Developer and Project Management are all descriptions that apply to what I do in the process of making interactive products. Whether it's a website, mobile app, pURL, e-blast, banner campaign, newsletter, social media or promotional piece, I am constantly using skills from those attributes to complete a job. The bottom line, I love creating clean looking interactive projects that are easy an intuitive to use.

When it comes to a project it's not about completing a task but instead, seeing the development from inception to completion. When you're wire framing a website or developing the UI for a mobile app, it's critical to consider all the other pieces of the puzzle. Design, SEO, SMO, Client Side, CMS Development and Time (Cost) are all factors that need to be well thought out in the timeline of a project.

I'm educated in Graphic Design and Animation, with a degree completed in 2005, as well as a BA degree achieved in 1999.

I've worked on some great projects with clients like The Trump Taj Mahal, CSX Railyard 2020, Marvin Windows and Doors, Samsung, The Westin Hotels and Resorts, HouseSmarts TV, as well as many mid to small size companies in the home improvement industry, food retail and jewelry business.

Besides web design and web development, I am currently creating an atmosphere online where new and small business owners can go to learn more about the web process and what's available to them. I hear countless horror stories from new business owners about unhappy experiences or poor results with their first dive into the web. Educating this demographic on items like what a business owner should expect for their budget, what kind of questions to ask and what they really need, are crucial to not only give them a better grasp on the process but also ground expectation.

If you'd like to learn more about this or have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.


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  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • HTML / CSS

  • E-Blasts, Banners, PURLS

  • Word Press / Drupal

  • Video / Audio Production